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Barkett Realty offers commercial appraisal services through its subsidiary, Property Valuation Specialists (PVS), which is also located in our beautiful St. Petersburg office and managed by John Barkett.  Through extensive experience, PVS assists clients in solving concerns surrounding complex real estate valuation. Through PVS, Barkett Realty clients can obtain independent fee appraisal services.

Unlike most brokerages, our expertise also extends into other services such as feasibility analysis, market studies, appraisal review, consulting, ad valorem taxation (tax appeals) and expert testimony. At Barkett Realty, our entire team and their expertise is at your service.


Commercial Valuation

PVS has extensive experience appraising commercial properties throughout greater Tampa Bay, ranging in size from the smallest retail store to large scale condominium developments and even super regional shopping centers.

Residential Valuation

PVS provides residential appraisals for everything from primary and secondary mortgages, mortgage refinancing, employee relocation, private mortgage insurance removal, estate planning, divorce settlements, and everything in between. PVS also offers residential appraisal services for 1-4 family homes throughout Pinellas and Hillsborough Counties.

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